The Riley Park Drinking Fountain Fund

The Riley Park Drinking Fountain Fund

Contribute to a Riley Park drinking fountain.

Water for Riley: because nothing thrives without water

Our belief that Riley Park deserves a beautiful drinking fountain is based on five crucial principles:

  • Health
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Community building
  • Economic well-being
  • Other collective impacts of this project to our community and the city

Riley Park is a jewel among Calgary's green spaces. Every day, Calgarians from all city quadrants enjoy nature's health boosts in Riley Park. Over 10,000 locals of Hillhurst/Sunnyside also consider Riley their community park.

Riley Park's nine hectares boast a popular cricket pitch, an adventure playground, much-loved wading pool, wooded areas, open stretches of grass for relaxation and sports, picnic tables, and gorgeous memorial gardens.

This many active users develop a thirst. Yet, this great green resource lacks a reliable source of drinking water. "The Water for Riley - a Fountain for Riley Park Committee" is changing that.

Nearby post-secondary arts students are involved in designing an amazing, artistic drinking fountain that will enhance the wonderful Riley Park experience. Water on site welcomes park users to stay. Safe, sustainably delivered drinking water is critical for all, especially children.

Please contribute to a Riley Park drinking fountain.

You'll find information on fundraising, the student design process, and our project progress on our website - Please follow our progress on Twitter, Facebook and our blog. We believe that success is built with community. We hope you'll contact us with feedback and suggestions!

MicroFoundation Breakdown

All money from the The Riley Park Drinking Fountain Fund will go to the Water For Riley Park project through the Place2Give Foundation.

Campaign Partners:

ACAD City of Calgary Calgary Board of Education HIllhurst School The Calgary Foundation IBI Group HIllhurst Sunnyside Community Association SAIT nulli Indentity Solutions Architects Sunnyside Natural Market This Is My City