About myPlace2Give

What is myPlace2Give?

Using technology from Dexterity Ventures Inc., and The Place2Give Foundation, we have created a new MicroFoundation platform which allows you to easily support different charities in a single click.

At Place2Give we believe that anyone should be able to make the change that they want to see in the world. myPlace2Give is your personal foundation where you don’t have to give thousands of dollars in order to generate social impact. Compare our costs and services with other giving solutions.

For only $1/day you can have your own customized charitable foundation supporting charities that you are passionate about; the ability to share your fund with friends, family, colleagues, clients, whomever you want to join you in your giving; have metrics and reports that measure the impact of your giving and peace of mind that your charitable dollars are being leveraged to their highest value.

myPlace2Give FAQs

What is a MicroFoundation?

A collection of charities, usually of a similar theme, category or mission, where each charity is given a percentage of each donation the MicroFoundation receives. The percentage that each charity gets is defined by the MicroFoundation creator. Be strategic, and define a MicroFoundation that speaks to the issues that you care about.

How often are donations disbursed to the charities?

Donations made via place2give.com are disbursed to the charities on a monthly basis, unless the total donations for the charity are less than $100. Disbursements to charities contained within MicroFoundations are done on a quarterly basis.

What Are the Costs For Setting-up A myPlace2Give.com MicroFoundation?

Our standard fees apply for the pre-created funds. For customized funds we are charging creators an annual fee of $1/day ($365/yr) to cover all campaign reporting costs. To launch your foundation, creators must seed the foundation with an investment of $500. This investment can come from you or your friends, we encourage you to share your foundation.